Fall Planning

This is a time to start planning for the fall, school supplies, new clothes. Is this the time to update your house, – new paint, rearrange the furniture, finally clean out the basement or get rid of the boxes of high school essays you will never look at again. There are fall garden, and property shows to give you ideals

Do you need to free up more money to do something fun this fall? Look at your mortgage and see if you can lock down a better rate? Want to put more money into your future> Start a PC Financial or ING Direct account – remember out of sight/out of mind.

To quote Michael Baisden – “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!”

Covering Your Bases

The recent floods in Calgary and fires in Arizona makes me glad to be living in boring Toronto. I don’t imagine it is easy to not know when you can go home again and if home will be there when you arrive.

This might be a good time as any to think of an alternate plan for your self and your family if anything happens -flood, fire, or zombie invasion.

Check to see what your house/property insurance covers – replacement value, is there a cap? hotel stays if so for how long. Make sure that your insurance will cover a range of potential circumstances (flood, fire, hurricanes -especially if you live in a region susceptible to these types of weather events).

Put these and other important documents somewhere safe and waterproof, and make a copy to be kept off-site.