Getting your paper house in order

The new year has brought the news of the death of beloved actors, singers and personalities, not to mention the Visa bills from overindulging over the Christmas holidays. Despite the cold, and depressing time that can sometimes be January, be thankful that you have a visa bill to complain about and family and friends that drive you crazy.

This is the time to think about what you would like to do differently this year – take small steps towards it and before you know it you will have achieved it. It is also important to think about what to leave to loved ones. Update your insurance and investment RRSP beneficiaries. Organize all of your important papers in one place. Do up a list of your passwords, bank accounts and storage locker particulars. If necessary, update your will and create a power of attorney for your health and finances. Talk to your family about your wishes for things such as organ donation.

Although, it might not change the outside temperatures you will have the satisfaction of achieving peace of mind for you and your family.