Mayoral Race

Who ever is chosen for mayor of the Great City of Toronto will have to address a few major issues:
1. How are we going to maintain and expand transit;
2. How are we going to make this city truly world class;
3. How to get people engaged in their city;
4. How are we going to eliminate poverty and homelessness;
5. How are they going to work with City Council to achieve these and other ends.

These are big questions and of course can not be solved by one person in one term. Ask your municipal candidates how they are going to tackle these big issues or if they are even thinking of these issues.
In order to fund any of this, taxes will need to be raised or maintained, remember this. Perhaps the Land Transfer Tax is not going away any time soon.

Remember to support your local politicians, support the candidates you believe in by way of volunteering, donations and of course voting on October 27, 2014.

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