10 Things a Lawyer Can do

Although it seems like an added cost to purchasing or selling a house, having a lawyer on board early will save you time.

What does a lawyer do?

1. Connect with the lender, provide all of the documents needed to make sure you get your mortgage money on closing.

2. Pay off the mortgage and outstanding debts on the house when you sell.

3. Search the title of the property to make sure you are getting exactly what you purchased and that there are no surprises on closing day.

4. Protect your purchase by obtaining title insurance – in case anything is missed.

5. Connect with the lawyer on the other side, to make sure the property will be ready, safe and clean for your move in.

6. Advise you and your partner what is the best way to obtain the property to protect both of your rights, if anything happens.

7. Prepare all of documents needed.

8. Pay the Land Transfer Taxes.

9. Give you the keys to your dream home and wish you a wonderful life.

10. Send you a report letting you know that your new house is yours.

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