Yearly Check Up

Once a year, you go to your doctor have him or her, check under your hood and make sure that your levels are okay and that everything is running well.

Likewise, you should do that with your home. First gather all of the important papers in one area or folder/binder for quick reference:

Deed to your house
Mortgage documents
Home Insurance
Power of Attorney
Bank Account Information
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Car Insurance

It is a great ideal to make sure that your home insurance covers any recent changes, additions or purchases you have made. Also check if the beneficiaries are updated, you don’t want the house going to the first partner if you are on your third marriage now do you.

If you have not done some of these things – such as a will, life insurance or disability insurance, make sure you do it soon. Remember – only diamonds are forever, humans are not.

It is also helpful for you to have these documents in one place in case someone needs to find it upon your critical illness or death. Put all of your passwords and log-in names for your email accounts and sites in a sealed envelope and any instructions to burn your diaries.

Your health is important and your documents should be updated to keep up.

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