Some Closing Costs to consider for the new purchaser

First Time Home Buyer Purchasing a Resale Home or Condominium

Typical Costs

1. Title Insurance
2. Assignment Fees
3. Ontario/Toronto Land Transfer Taxes
4. Property Taxes
5. Education and Park Levies
6. Utility Hook Up Fees
7. Mortgage Application Fees
8. Property Insurance
9. Inspection
10. Survey
11. Title Insurance
12. Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Mortgage Insurance
(if less than 20% downpayment)
13. Registration of Title
14. Execution Name Searches
15. Registration of Mortgage
16. Costs to Municipality and Utility to find out about outstanding bills
15. Real Estate Commissions
16. Legal Fees
17. Change of mail
18. Utility Hook-Up charges (gas, hydro, phone, cable)

Note: this is not intended as legal advice, please contact a lawyer for assistance with your residential purchase.

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