Spring Newsletter

Prince Law Newsletter No. 1   May 8, 2011

In this newsletter:

1.    Why selling your own house may cause you losses.
2.    Meet Cindy who buys buys and holds houses as a long term investment
3.    How not to flip houses
4.    One Bloor Street East, when will it be built


Wanting to save a few thousand dollars is smart, but most home owners do not know what to do to sell their house privately.  Mark Weisleder advises of common pitfalls that can occur

Tracy Tjaden speaks with a house flipper Cindy Wennerstrom. Ms. Wennerstrom advises to hold houses for the long term and tells you why.


So you want to flip houses, some things to avoid.


One Bloor Street has not been built yet. Read about the proposed site, the owners and history.


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